Friday, March 28


I have been spoiled by Rachel of pseudobunny & co.!

It's kinda hard to tell from the picture, so here's a list of some of the wnderful items:
*Light-up Knitting needles!
*A beautiful needle case
*Origami paper
*Sheep-shaped magnetized clips for little papers
*Hedgehog-shaped push-pins
*Adorable puppy notebook
*Sew Subversive - a book on making neat sewing projects - looks interesting.
*Of course, yarn: but not just any yarn - ALPACA SOCK YARN!! So amazing. It's a beautiful colorway, and she also sent me a choice of two awesome sock patterns for it.
*This is a picture of the japanese candy that was also sent my way:

An amazing package.

1 comment:

pseudobunny said...

Glad you liked it...I hope you dont have too much sock yarn on your hands now...
Also..I tagged you. So now you have to check my blog and do it. Do it now...(think Ahhhhnald when you say that...)...
Hope you are having a good day. I am not. Think spring has it our for me these days with the pollen or something. Used to not bother me. Now my glands get all funky. It is either that or those polluter winds blowing in from industrialized nations that rhyme with spina. Or vagina. Or yeah..You get it..