Saturday, April 26

Couple-a things

First, pseudobunny sent me Dethklok's "Decapitated" , which I will finish up with "Dragula," by Rob Zombie.

I really love the video, LOVE Rob Zombie's work (the stuff of White Zombie too), and this song happens to be the one if the husband and I have 'a song'. Yes, we danced to it at our wedding, though much later than our first dance together. It's sentimental.

Second, of course, is an update on the Central Park Hoodie. So, I am working on the front left panel, zooming right along, and discover that I have an oops. I knew that that 4 stitches that seem to be making up the inside edge looked out of place. I know that later on, I am supposed to pick up along that edge for the buttonhole band, but I kept going anyway. Once I got all the way up to the arm shaping, 16 inches after noticing this funny thing, I realize that I made the most classic of errors. In a pattern that offers 7 sizes, the cardinal rule is to go through and circle all of the size directions that pertain to what you need. I missed one. D'oh! Needless to say, I ripped it all back, and I am doing it again. If I want to make this thing look right, I have to make it right. Sigh.

Thirdly, a random question. Is anyone else in the New England area going to WEBS on Sunday to see the Yarn Harlot? I registered a while ago, and didn't think to ask ahead of time. If you're going, let me know. I plan to check my e-mail before I leave here, and I would love to meet up with you, as I'm going alone. Not that I mind, either. Honey was great about going to see the Yarn Harlot with me when she had her Represent tour kickoff last year in NYC at FIT. However, given that he would most likely rather spend his day in his painting studio, and I'm a big girl and can handle myself, I'm driving myself to Northampton. Plus, then I have no sighing and eye-rolling when I wander around petting all the pretty yarns.

Ok, Lemme know. knitkat1[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Monday, April 21

PRGE to Carly

Carly has given back, "Mommy's Little Monster," by Social Distortion.

So, for my R, I am sending....

...because I LOVE the video. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 16

For the PRGE contest...

From my spoiler, pseudobunny, I was given "Boat of Car," by They Might Be Giants.

A short, fun song. I like that it sounds like video game music.

In response, I give her "Roam," by the B-52's, one of my all-time favorite bands.

I seriously remember my mom bringing this album home when I was a little kid, and my sister and I just loved it. I've never outgrown it.

Then, to pass along to Carly:

Tegan & Sara - Living Room. I really like these girls. I'll expound later.

Monday, April 7

Finished the back of the CPH. Now onto the left-front.

Monty's sick - whoa, boy. He still seems happy though. The vet said that the garbage outside probably upset his system - awesome. Something I can do nothing about.

I'm also grading papers. So. Many. Pages.

At least work is fun so far today. Good music, happy rested students.

Thursday, April 3

This past weekend, I was very much a homebody. It was beautiful outside, so I took Monty for a nice, long walk. It was still cold out, though, so we came back in when we were done.

To warm things up, I thought about making cupcakes. I also got to thinking about Red Velvet cake. I had had it once before, and I really liked it. I pulled out "The Joy of Cooking" aka, the food bible, and lo-and-behold there was NO ENTRY for Red Velvet cake. I was shocked. So I looked it up online (I <3 the internet). I used this recipe, and my oh my, were they good!

I was handing them out as fast as I could since there was no way I was going to eat them all, and I also didn't want to throw any out!

In between making the cupcakes, I got quite a bit done on the Central Park Hoodie.
I've got almost the whole back done.

I love how evenly this yarn is working for me. I was given this yarn, so I don't know what it is, but I'm pretty sure there's some acrylic in it. It's kitting up very nicely, and when I look at the charts, I feel like the cables are giving me just enough inspiration to keep going with it.

Now, on with my day.

Wednesday, April 2

By the by...

In lieu of adding all of the pictures that I took this weekend, I have been tagged by pseudobunny:

1) Link to the person who tagged you.--> Rachel
2) Post the rules.
3) Share six non-important things / habits / quirks about yourself.
4) Tag at least three people.
5) Be sure the people you tagged KNOW you tagged them by commenting what you did.

1) I was that little kid that couldn't see and had coke-bottle glasses, and still fell down a lot. Then I got LASIK in 2004. I love it, and I fall down a lot less.

2) I'm always the oddball. I'm taller than most people, and I usually find the inappropriate thing to say. Most of the time though I can make people laugh.

3) I read quite a few blogs every day, but rarely comment on them. My opinion: who cares what I think?

4) I married my high school sweetheart. We've been together for almost 10 years.

5) I've developed an almost unhealthy obsession with cupcakes lately. Not just with all the cupcake-themed t-shirts there are, either. No, with MAKING cupcakes. This past weekend was red velvet cake w/ cream cheese frosting - so good. I've made them with avocado, lots of chocolate, and various other ingredients. So good. They are the best-sized treat, too. All the deliciousness, and not so much guilt.

6) 90% of the time, I am happy and perky. When I'm sad, I bounce back pretty quickly. As a result, I can listen to The Cure and Massive Attack and stuff and sing and bop along to the music. It also helps me love everything colorful.

So now I need to tag three people..... 1)Stella 2)Carly 3)Shadkitty

I picked these three ladies since I know them from the prge. I love reading their blogs already, so I want to see what they come up with.