Monday, March 24

Who doesn't love new yarn? I know I do. I received my 2nd Rockin' Sock Club package today, and it's beautiful! My photo of it doesn't do the colors justice - rich greens on a wide spectrum. I can't wait to work with it. I must confirm my needles and everything before I dive in though. I also have to finish the Knucks that I promised to one of my students. I should be able to know those out tonight.

Speaking of work - all my students started coming back in today. They were all on Spring Break last week, so there are lots of stories, tans, and presents. One student went to his parents' place in Seattle, WA, and came back with a pound of Stumptown coffee for me!! So wonderful. He also shared that the coffee made his entire suitcase and contents now smell like coffee. I could only be so lucky.

Also, this weekend, I got a new tattoo:

I'm really in love with it. It's on my right arm, just below my elbow. Yes, each of the stars has meaning to me, so I collectively call them my Guiding Stars. I went to the tatoo shop with a friend of ours, and we both got some work done. It was nice being able to share that with him. Such great times lately.

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Anonymous said...

I really like those! I have been itching to get some work done for so long now...Grr...I just need to make an appointment and go..
Yeah, spring break is funny isn't it? Around here everything is on sloooow mode (there is a University blocks from me casa)...And the playground is overrun with parents who aren't used to the rules!!!
Hope the sun is shining over there cause all I gots is some cold cold fog!
that yarn is pretty!
(your prge secret pal)