Wednesday, March 19

PRGE Contest

From my spoiler, her three favorite songs are:

Behind the Green Door, by The Cramps
California Uber Alles, by The Dead Kennedys
Elvis Needs Boats, by The Dead Milkmen

I have to admit that I've only heard the Dead Kennedys song, and neither of the others :(

For corresponding patterns, here's what I got.

Behind the Green Door
I actually want to knit a door - well, a screen door - myself one day. For that, I have already found a pattern in AlterKnits by Leigh Radford.

I also think I found an appropriate nylon thread:
Available in Olive GREEN.

California Uber Alles
For this, I already love the line, "Suede denim secret police."
To that end, I give you the Police Tape Scarf.

For Elvis Needs Boats, I was stuck for a bit. Then, I realized what I needed - a wig.

So, knit a wig, and hop in a canoe - Elvis no longer needs a boat.

Woohoo. What a great contest. Totally fun.


sunneshine said...

I am loving this contest - such amazing patterns!! So much fun!!

Anonymous said...

I keep trying to download the three songs from frostwire to send to you as mp3 but somehow it keeps not working. I will solve the problem and get those songs off to you! Those projects are awesome!
I cant believe you never heard the Elvis needs boats one!!! My mom started me on that!!! HAHAHAH
wait...what does that say about my mom? or me?!!!!