Wednesday, July 16


I have been...
Riding my bike
Not sleeping
Visiting with Nick
Reading stupid books
Playing Softball
...and more for the last few weeks.

In the summer, I always get the standard lack-of-something-due-RIGHT-NOW! type of ennui that leads me to get nothing done. I really don't work well without a schedule. I have been getting stuff done, just not like I normally would.

I bailed on the Ziggy socks. The tightness of the foot was tolerable since I have narrow feet, but I do not have narrow ankles, and I could not reconcile them. I will end up making nice socks out of the Kureyon, and I have realized that I really like this stuff. The colors are still stunning, and the yarn does soften up quite a bit once it's in sock form.

I got my latest Rockin' Sock Club package, but wasn't an outright fan of the pattern. However the absolutely stunning color has made me want to make socks of the yarn, but I have to find a rather plain pattern for it. The colors range from very pale to very dark, and with stripes that will result, I want to keep it simple. Still looking for that perfect pattern...

To carry around in the meantime, I started churning out some new dishcloths for the kitchen. I had been given some great brick red and turquoise Nashua Handknits cotton, which is working nicely. To them, I added some Mission Falls 1824 cotton in violet, lime and a camel color. I had to replace the other ones I had in my kitchen. Since they had been my first dishcloths back in the day, I thought "I should make them in a neutral cream," which has now aged in to a gross drab.

Our friend Nick was up to visit this past weekend, and we were complete nine-year-olds as a result. The days were spent playing outside or riding bikes around town, and then evenings were spent playing video games. The only differences between us and actual nine-year-olds was our afternoon drive to ikea, and we eat a lot better and drink a lot of beer. I'm still recovering from such a great weekend.