Monday, December 18

And it's been a week...

Sorry about that. A couple of the people that I work with at my part-time job decided to take off whole butt-loads of time, so I have been literally working everyday. Weekends have become that time during the week when I only have one job to get to, rather than two. In the midst of all of this working, I take my free time (time actually set aside for me to be eating) to knit. I'm about 2/3 done with my MIL's scarf, halfway through the second Pirate Mitten, and managed to start two pairs of Fetching mitts and finish one of those pairs.

I had splurged a gift certificate on many, many balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, with the intention of making Tubey. Well, then I started reading a couple of the Tubey KAL's and realized that this is not a pullover for the well-endowed woman. While I really wish I could pull it off, since it is such a cute sweater, I generally look for sweaters that help people keep their eyes off my figure. Not that I don't love my curves, but I'd prefer that they weren't always on other people's minds as well.
Anyway, having so much Cashmerino laying around proved to be very helpful when deciding on a small, quick project to knit up for a few of my girlfriends. Each pair of the mitts take only one ball of the cashmerino, if knit to gauge appropriately. Plus, when I'm done, I think I'll still have plenty to knit a pair for myself. Which will be great, since these little mitts look like an awesome solution to my freezing hands when I'm working on my computer all day.

In other news, I'm budgeting for a new digital camera that will hopefully help my with images actually getting onto this page. Woohoo!