Thursday, September 6

Silly blog.

So, I tried to tweak a few things on my sidebar to make them a bit more streamlined so I could add my badges to it, and the whole thing ended up buggered. The font has changed, as well as the sizing, but only for part of it. I also have a funny line going across the top of the posting part.

Does anyone out there know of a good resource to assist me with figuring out enough of the html to clean this up? I am basically figuring things out myself through trial-and-error. I change something, and then preview it. If the result is not what I want, I revert back. Most of the time, I'm doing ok, but not this time.

In knitting news, I finished a pair or fingerless gloves that I designed myself. They're gorgeous (to me), very soft, and fit wonderfully. As soon as I have a picture, I will post it, along with the pattern.

Yesterday, however, I cut the pad of my right thumb on a pair of scissors. Knitting has been halted. That does not mean I'm wasting my time - no, no - it's PRGE TIME!! I can still shop with a wounded thumb. I'm totally planning to spoil my spoilee! I cannot say anymore! Woohoo!

For your viewing pleasure, a sad sight that DH and I frequently pass when we're visiting our parents in PA. I think I drove by this sight every day for over 10 years before I realized the hilarity.


sunneshine said...

Can't help you with the html, and I hope your thumb is better soon. The sign did make my day!! Thanks!


htmlgoodies is a great place for help.

Hope your hand heals quickly! Shopping for PRGE rocks. Hell, PRGE itself rocks. :) Oh, and that is just about the most random thing ever. I was confused at first. lol

Sally said...

I jsut randomly ended up here from Gothknits site and um, i believe your parents live by me. That is of course if that's MacArthur Road/145 you're driving on when you see that site. I think it is. It's too much of a coincidence to not be. How weird.