Wednesday, September 26

UFO sightings

It's amazing to read other people's blogs and realize that I am not the only person on earth who has trouble finishing what I start. Thank goodness! I have an honest-to-goodness basket for projects that I start with the absolute best intention to finish right away. But then I find the prettiest yarn on sale.... Everyone does this, I now see.

brooklyntweed is describing his current move, which has un-earthed a number of UFOs. This has subsequently led to quite a bit of patient frogging. Maybe I should take a page from his book, and do the same myself. Like that sweater that I started out of dishcloth cotton two years ago - A) dishcloth cotton should probably not be used to make sweaters, as I realized when I went to make a baby sweater of said material, and B) dishcloth cotton doesn't feel very nice when you're making an ultimately heavy garment like a sweater. That's probably why it's referred to as 'dishcloth' cotton - tiny projects, please.

brooklyntweed has also pointed out that in his cleaning out process, he has located a project that he is loving working on again. Maybe I could also find something like that for myself???

Regardless, I need to work on my UFOs and be honest with myself. Am I really going to make that? If the answer is even 'maybe' then frogging is most likely inevitable. Stash space is prime real estate in our tiny place.

In other news, a few posts back, I included a picture from my hometown, Allentown - Allen High Fighting Canaries!! (I will never cease to laugh at my h.s. mascot, regardless of the point of its origination) - and I got a great comment from a woman named Sally who shared that she knew of the Public Storage location in the picture, and recognized it. I wanted to thank Sally for commenting. She let me know that there are more people reading this blog than I thought. I love it!! Thank you, Sally, and all the other lovely people that I write this for.

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