Friday, August 24


I was never a Brownie or Girl Scout when I was younger, and the only part that I was ever yearning to join in on was the earning of badges. I always thought they were great - small embroidered representations of your achievements. I even found some of my aunt's badges from her Girl Scout years, and added one or two to my backpack in high school.

Now, I am adding the badges which I believe I have earned, from the Illustrious Order of Cast On Knitting Scouts

Proselytize Knitting Badge

I do enjoy sharing tips about knitting, as well as spouting about how much I love the sport. I rarely shut up about it. For anyone who wants to learn, I have extra needles and practice yarn in my desk drawer.

I've Knit Items With No Conceivable Practical Application For Them Badge

First of all, I love knitting stuffed animals. Unless they go to someone right away, though, I keep them around to love them, and they end up in my "China Cabinet of Things That We Cannot Throw Away, But Really Have No Other Function." Second of all, I end up un-raveling so many things and looking at them with the WTF-stare, and no concept of what they were supposed to be.

Knitting Whilst Under the Influence Badge

Who doesn't knit with a gin and tonic next to them? Most often, I put down the needles when I know there will be significant distraction, so as to avoid a morning of woeful ripping back.

MacGyver Badge, Level I

This level is attained when a Knitter uses non-knitting-related objects to serve a knitting purpose. I have often used plastic-coated paper clips as stitch markers and cable needles, a dollar bill as a measuring tape (6"), as well as a number of other office supplies since I am often knitting in my office.

MacGyver Badge, Level II

This badge is attained when knitting-related items are used for non-knitting purposes. I know there is at least a rogue US4 needle holding our important receipts together. I'll edit this when I can think of other instances around my house.

I Will Impress You With My Math Prowess Badge

This is probably the only area of my life where I actually try and succeed at using math. Most other areas, I try and fall flat on my face.

Knitting Has Forced Me to Seek Medical Attention Badge, Level I

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, baby. I was at the doctor anyway for something else, and I inquired about my computer usage combined with my knitting time. She informed me that as long as those movements didn't start to mimic each other, and I was moving my hands in different ways, then I should be fine.

I have earned quite a few already, but I still have more to do! That's another great thing about badges - you have goals!


sunneshine said...

LOL, I love all your knitting badges - as a former girlscout, badge earning is addictive - hehe


I'm with you on the whole math thing. Ordinarily, I suck at it, somehow knitting brings out my mathematical best. :D