Tuesday, September 18


So, I've had my Ravelry page - KnitKatKnit - for more than a few weeks now, and I have been pretty bad about doing anything with it. My biggest reason for this is that I usually throw up a blog post during a quiet time at work, or on my lunch. However, not only have I been working through my lunches, I haven't been taking any knitting to work with me - I just don't really have any time. As a result, my blog has been rather slow to be updated, and I have all but forgotten Ravelry.

Times change.

I have taken pics of my stash, such as it is, and I will be updating like a fiend. It may just take some time.

For now, here's the culmination of much cleaning:

We have a kind of small apartment, so my stash and accessories stay in this cabinet and the tubs on top of it. It's great to be able to stay organized with it.

On with Ravelry!!


sunneshine said...

Its so nice to be able to see your stash at a glance - without having to open bins and remember where... Have fun!!


Good Luck! It will take a bit of time. I have a smallish stash and it took me the better part of a full day. Still, it is awesome to see what you have available in your stash. Then to organize a list of things you want to knit...meet new people. FABULOUS! Enjoy!!!