Wednesday, March 14

Splendid...what a great word.

This week I have felt simply splendid. It's a great word to say over and over again, too. Splendid, splendid, splendid. Very nice.

As I mentioned before, all the students are on Spring Break this week, so it's me and the occaisional visitor in here this week. I have the radio on behind me so my office feels bigger and I don't jump when I hear someone call my name from the door. My office door is my saving grace. It's a dutch door, so I can close just the bottom half as an indication that I would like to know who's coming into my office. I love it.

My knitting is coming along well. There is waist shaping. There is a plan for sleeves. Still planning on the neckline.

After work this afternoon, it's off to my friend Stef's place to peek in on her cat, Socks. Stef had to go to some conference in the Midwest and all of her usual cat-sitters bailed on her. So I drive a half-hour to help her out. No questions asked. I would do it anyway. Socks is a cute cat, too. I thought about bringing Socks to my place to meet Avery Darger, but I really have no idea how that would turn out, and I don't want to freak out either kitty. I already know that Avery didn't get along with the other cats in her foster home, but that was over two years ago when she trusted NOTHING. It was 6 months of living with us before she would purr. She still isn't appreciative when I pick her up.

After kitty-ness it's off to babysit again. Normally, it's just me and Byron (the 9-year-old that I sit for) on Monday nights, when his mom teaches. Tonight, though, we are together again. He's a good kid, and we have fun, so it's a good gig.

Adam has a painting in a show this week, and we are going to see it Thursday night. Very nice. Possibly dinner with friends after? Who knows. I only know my work schedules.

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Peppy said...

Sounds like a good time! Can't wait to see what you are knitting too. :)