Monday, March 26

Getting a new camera

The pictures that I have posted before have all been taken with my honey's awesome Canon Rebel. I love the pictures that it takes, but it's not exactly portable for me. So, this weekend, while I was out, I bought a disposable Kodak camera. It took pictures for me, but obviously I have no idea how they turned out. So, Friday night, I ordered a new digital camera which should be delivered to me at work sometime this week.

In the meantime, I have to get the disposable camera to CVS to get me prints.

I had a fabulous time in NYC. I didn't make it there in time for the Strawberry Fields gathering, but I did make it there in plenty of time to check out the Radical Lace exhibit before heading over to FIT. Adam and I were both entertained by the Yarn Harlot's talk. After the talk, on our way out, Adam was complimented and congratulated for being my supporter. I'm always happy that he's proud of my knitting, but it's nice when other people notice it too.

As soon as I get my images developed, this we will be the first palce they end up.

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Peppy said...

That's great that he got congratulated! Can't wait to see your pictures, and I hope you get the package soon.