Monday, March 26

Perfect Premiere Punk Pal Package!!

I received my first Punk-Rock Gift Exchange package today. Everything in it is totally beautiful. Peppy, my Secret Pal, has done a beautiful job.

First, I unfolded a beautiful colorway of Socks that Rock called Rolling Stone.

I love the colors - so rich - and I am very eager to knit it right up. I must exercise some patience, though. I want to make sure that I find just the right pattern.

That brings up: Nancy Bush's Knitting On the Road - Socks Patterns for the Traveling Knitter.

I also found a lovely candle scented in Water Garden - very lovely. An adorable note, a blank note card, and a Hershey's bar with Almonds - my favorite!

This is so great!!

Thank you so much, Peppy!!!

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Aww You're more than welcome! I'm so glad you liked it all and that it got there on time. :)