Saturday, March 17

Nor'Easter for St. Patricks Day

Today is my best friend's birthday!!! Yay, Michael-Paul!!!

I have no idea how much snow we got. I know it is enough to bury the car. Yesterday, while I was at the University, they closed at 1:30. My problem came in that I was scheduled to work a shift at Starbucks at 5:30. Do I go home and risk not being able to get back if the store stays open? No, instead I went to Starbucks from the University and waited there until 4 o'clock when they (people much higher on the food chain than our store manager) decided to close the store at 5pm. At that moment, I jumped into my car, and slowly drove home. It was very slippery, and the plows were not going yet. Silly plows. Of course, that also meant no traction.

So, I got to come home and put on flannel pants. Then I proceeded to knit my unmentionable project and watch all of the shows that I had stockpiled on my DVR (cable company TiVo) all week. Very relaxing.

This morning, honey took the car to work (we share a car) so I am home with Avery and Brigette, although Brigette is still sleeping. I am listening to Massive Attack to add to the ambiance of the morning.

The day shall consist of: alternately reading from "Greetings from Knit Cafe" which I bought last week and haven't really absorbed yet, "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood", coffee (duh), knitting on two different objects on the needles, and perhaps getting dressed. I work at 7:30 tonight, so I have until the to also put the finishing touches on my PRGE pally gift, head to Vernon to visit my friend's cat, and eat in there. Lots to do, but relaxing.


Peppy said...

That sounds kinda relaxing actually. I love flannel pants. :) And I am just DYING to know what your secret project is, are ya gonna show it off eventually?

sunneshine said...

I love snow days!! (However, we have already had our share this year.) I hope your relaxing time was truely enjoyed - it sounds like heaven!