Monday, March 12

Monday, Monday

The students are on Spring Break. Here I am in my office. It's so quiet.

My knitting as of late has been productive, but not warranting pictures or anything. I want to make sure that it works before I actually talk about it. I'm making a hybrid that technically works on paper, but we have all worked on projects like that before.... I have been documenting my progress as it goes along, just in case.

I'm also working my surprises for my Secret Punk - this is very exciting for me!!

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Peppy said...

Yes, I've definitely done that!

So, I saw that you wanted some STR, but how into socks are you? Like, do you have a collection of sock patterns? Have you ever participated in any of the sock KALs? Do you prefer magic loop, two circulars, or DPNs? I think I may have just given away who I am without even meaning to! LOL