Thursday, October 25

Broad Street, Philadelphia

I love that these mittens are based in a town I know. Having grown up near Philly, I know the coldness that the designer speaks of, therefore necessitating these mittens.

Broad Street Mittens

I am plodding ahead with these babies. I am making them with Patons Shetland Tweed, though, instead of the merino that the pattern was written for. However, a bulkier yarn means that my gauge is much larger, and less stitches are needed to fit around my skinny little fingers. These babies, though, are a gift. I'm not saying who for though.

Also just about finished: Knucks, my blended-pattern socks of Anastasia and Widdershins, and a blanket that I started over the summer. Plenty of pictures coming soon.

Wednesday, October 24

Rhinebeck and lack of pics

So, my camera battery died, and I haven't charged it yet. When I do, pics will be here again.

I did get to attend the wonderful Rhinebeck, and got to visit with old friends. I picked up a few things:
- two 325-yard skeins of Organic Cotton ( I'll have to reference the actual label for the farm name) for baby sweaters.
- a Kromski Niddy-noddy.
- two small bags of purple-dyed wool roving for hopefully my first felting project.
- a copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Without Tears.
- a notecard of an alpaca.

This last item was bought for a specific purpose. I framed it and hung it my bathroom. I have a number of fun pictures - including a hand-drawn rendering of Abraham Lincoln - hung in my bathroom, since I feel they are most appreciated in there. Sometimes I crack me up.

Monday, October 8

Not exhausted yet

On Wednesday night, all other pastimes and hobbies came to a halt.

I bought a Wii.

Oh man, how fun. I play a mean game of tennis, and I'm the top bowler in my house. Plus, I bought the Zelda game, too, so that is totally time-consuming.

I haven't actually played a new game system since my Nintendo was bought when I was 6. I have always just stuck with that one. I have never needed better graphics or killer role-playing scenarios. Tetris rules. Now, I feel like I'm doing really well with this game, and I feel really smart about it. Hahaha, smart.

This weekend, I went down to NYC for the Audio Engineers Society convention at the Javits center. So many audio nerds. I was one of so many. Great Thai food for dinner, too. I also got to see a lot of old friends and visit with some new friends.

In knitting, I have almost finished my Broad Street Mittens, made two new Round Dishcloths, and finished my first Knuck. Small projects are swell.

Pics to follow!

Tuesday, October 2

Catching Up

I actually have a few things to type about this evening.

First, I received my PRGE package today. Well, it actually got here yesterday, but as I live in an apartment, and the mail carrier doesn't feel comfortable leaving packages, I got it at the Post Office this morning.

Included are a set of #4 dpn's, a skein of purple KnitPicks Cotlin, Rowan Wool & Cotton, patterns for a Round Dishcloth, Knucks from Knitty, awesome Cherry lip balm, and Pop Rocks! Amazing.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure who my Secret Pal is, they didn't give their name. Hopefully, all will be revealed with the November package.

In other news, I did just start work on a pair of Broad Street Mittens. I chose to use a chunky Wool instead of a fingering weight yarn.

I have the left one done, and I'm up to the fingers for the right one. I will, of course, post a "finished" pic. This is slightly irinic since my Secret PRGE Pal just happen to pick Knucks as the pattern to send me, and I kinda have a pair on the needles - which is totally ok, since the Broad Street's are being knitted as a gift! Now I get to make a pair for myself!

Happy Knitting!

Monday, October 1

Cleaning house

In the spirit of re-arranging two rooms of our apartment, I decided to finally do something about the state of my blog. I have switched styles of template, and I'm hoping that will help my considerably. Please feel free to let me know if there's anything unsightly that I may not have noticed for myself. I will also be working on updating links and whatnot.

So much time, so little to do...

Wait. Strike that. Reverse it.