Wednesday, October 24

Rhinebeck and lack of pics

So, my camera battery died, and I haven't charged it yet. When I do, pics will be here again.

I did get to attend the wonderful Rhinebeck, and got to visit with old friends. I picked up a few things:
- two 325-yard skeins of Organic Cotton ( I'll have to reference the actual label for the farm name) for baby sweaters.
- a Kromski Niddy-noddy.
- two small bags of purple-dyed wool roving for hopefully my first felting project.
- a copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Without Tears.
- a notecard of an alpaca.

This last item was bought for a specific purpose. I framed it and hung it my bathroom. I have a number of fun pictures - including a hand-drawn rendering of Abraham Lincoln - hung in my bathroom, since I feel they are most appreciated in there. Sometimes I crack me up.

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