Tuesday, October 2

Catching Up

I actually have a few things to type about this evening.

First, I received my PRGE package today. Well, it actually got here yesterday, but as I live in an apartment, and the mail carrier doesn't feel comfortable leaving packages, I got it at the Post Office this morning.

Included are a set of #4 dpn's, a skein of purple KnitPicks Cotlin, Rowan Wool & Cotton, patterns for a Round Dishcloth, Knucks from Knitty, awesome Cherry lip balm, and Pop Rocks! Amazing.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure who my Secret Pal is, they didn't give their name. Hopefully, all will be revealed with the November package.

In other news, I did just start work on a pair of Broad Street Mittens. I chose to use a chunky Wool instead of a fingering weight yarn.

I have the left one done, and I'm up to the fingers for the right one. I will, of course, post a "finished" pic. This is slightly irinic since my Secret PRGE Pal just happen to pick Knucks as the pattern to send me, and I kinda have a pair on the needles - which is totally ok, since the Broad Street's are being knitted as a gift! Now I get to make a pair for myself!

Happy Knitting!


stella said...

Well, you said you always had cold hands! I didn't realize when I sent the package off that everyone was revealing themselves in the first package! Surprise! I'm glad you liked your stuff!


That looks like a pretty cool package! Pop rocks!! Woot!

Karen #2 SNB Newington said...

I thought I just drop in and say hello, rather than just lurking.

Haven't seen you in ages and miss you at snb.

Karen #2 @ SNB newington