Monday, October 8

Not exhausted yet

On Wednesday night, all other pastimes and hobbies came to a halt.

I bought a Wii.

Oh man, how fun. I play a mean game of tennis, and I'm the top bowler in my house. Plus, I bought the Zelda game, too, so that is totally time-consuming.

I haven't actually played a new game system since my Nintendo was bought when I was 6. I have always just stuck with that one. I have never needed better graphics or killer role-playing scenarios. Tetris rules. Now, I feel like I'm doing really well with this game, and I feel really smart about it. Hahaha, smart.

This weekend, I went down to NYC for the Audio Engineers Society convention at the Javits center. So many audio nerds. I was one of so many. Great Thai food for dinner, too. I also got to see a lot of old friends and visit with some new friends.

In knitting, I have almost finished my Broad Street Mittens, made two new Round Dishcloths, and finished my first Knuck. Small projects are swell.

Pics to follow!

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stella said...

I'm glad you like the knucks.. I found it to be a super quick knit - instant gratification! Working on your #2 package... :)