Friday, June 15

Plenty of Punk in the Package

From my punk-est pal, Shadkitty, I received a whole boat-load of goodies.

I was so excited to see all of these things! Especially the Yarns. She calls this package, "My Favorite Things." How awesome is that? Instead of trying to guess the cool things that your pal would love (which Crystal has done a great job with already), send off versions of your favorite things. I now know that Crystal and I share a similar affinity for the finer yarns in life, but not exclusively (She also loves Caron SS, my latst discovery). The Stephen King book is one of her favorites, that has clearly been read and re-read many times. I have a few books that are my absolute favorites, so I know how it must be to part with her copy. I have already started it, and I am already enjoying it. Who knows: maybe I'll read the rest of the Dark Tower series?

Back to the yarn: I find it interesting to get yarn and then try to figure out what to do with it. I'm still at the stage with my knitting where I'm not 100% sure how a yarn substitution will work out, or whether it'll totally bug out. That's part of my excitement at finally being added to Ravelry. I can search for the yarn I want to work with and hopefully I will find projects to work on with it.

I am really excited about the notions as well. STITCH MARKERS BY SUNNESHINE!! With pretty purple hearts! EEEeeee! Love them. The sheep ribbon is adorable too. I have to admit, though - I'm not sure what I'm going to use that for, either. I am a hoarder by nature - I have whole collections of cards/stickers/fancy papers that I collected during my scrapbooking days, and now that my books are completed, I don't use them. Hopefully, I won't fall into the same trap again.

Once I figure out the projects that I will be working on with these yarns, I will obviously produce an update.

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