Friday, June 29


No, not mine. I got invited to two baby showers yesterday. They are both for girls that I didn't know would even have showers. Yet, here they are.

The first is for an awesome, vegetarian, punk-ish, animal-lover who I have come to know over the last two years. She's pretty sure she's having a boy, but that is not confirmed. She's so thrilled, though. I'm so happy for her, too.

The second is for my cousin. She and I aren't all that close, even though we grew up in closer proximity than all of our other cousins. Regardless, since that one's a bit farther away (it's in PA, and it's two weeks after the first one), I have a bit more time to plan. On her registry, she has pink and purple pacifiers, so it looks like she thinks she's having a girl.

I thoroughly plan to knit beautiful baby things. Hopefully, I'll actually stick to that plan and get them done. I haven't completely decided on my projects, and I'm going yarn-hunting this afternoon. I don't quite have the right stuff in my minimal stash.

In the meantime, I cast on a sock...

This is the green Fearless Fibers skein. It's a lightweight sock yarn, and I plan to give the pair as a gift when they're done. Woohoo for awesome knitted gifts.

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