Thursday, June 7


Ok, so there's a reason why I've been avoiding my knitting as of late. I have developed a side passion. Not one that will overtake my love for the pointy sticks, but definitely sidetracking.


But not just crochet in general.

The Ripple.

I'm definitely not a granny-square gal in any manner, shape or form. I have never really seen the appeal of crochet, and I definitely turned my nose up to it. I mean, who wants to work in the same spot for so many stitches and end up with this knobbly little mass of yarn? Don't even get me started on little lace doilies - I inherited my great-grandmother's lace-knitting hooks, and they are so tiny! I can hardly even see them, let alone imagine working with them.

However, when I saw the pattern for the Ripple Afghan, I was smitten. Especially since it was done in such beautiful and vibrant colors! Then, I found a Ripple-Along, and realized that there are many, many people that are whipping these up. I went and perused the aisles at Michaels and found Caron Simply Soft in some beautiful colors to make up a queen-sized blanket for my bed. Adam likes the colors too, so it will definitely make it to the bed once it's done. Machine-washable, too.

It's a lot of work, I know. 3x the yarn. A small hook-type creature. I definitely feel like a traitor.

I also have a plain-knit stockinette shawl in gorgeous alpaca going right now, too. Just to remind me of my roots.


Gothknits said...

Don't feel guilty...I'm a bi-crafter too. Its good to have something to switch too when you're in a rut. You also now know how to crochet to for edges and details on your knitting. See...its all good. The people who knock it are just too scared to try it.

sunneshine said...

It looks beautiful!! One of the women in my class just finished one of these. I helped her block it today - it looks so amazing!! Have fun... even if your playing on the dark side.


I think it is pretty. And Caron SS is my favorite acrylic. Thanks for nominating me!! I almost cried when I read that. :) Have you gotten package 3 yet?