Monday, June 25

Long time, some progress

Ok, I have been busy, and I will post pictures tonight.

I spent last weekend in Boston with my awesome gal, Abbey. Much fun was had for her sister's 21st birthday. There was a limo. Everything was amazing.

During this last week, my car bit the dust. It currently has a flat tire, and it's parked in my parking lot at work. Good times then renting a car and driving to PA to pick up the family back-up car so Adam and I can still get to work. We don't actually know what is wrong with the car, but it's the same as a problem that we had been having in May, and we already tried the quick-fix on it. Something tells me that this will no longer be a quick fix.

Driving home to PA of course requires taking Monty with us, and he loves visitng, and does really well in the car. We have to break down his crate, though, and bring food and toys and blankets. We took more home for him than we did for ourselves. When we were told that having a dog was like practice for having kids, it's no joke. Now we definitely have a better idea of what will be required of us before we can completely devote ourselves to younglings. Monty's really great, though, so we have a positive outlook.

Seriously, I will post pictures later.

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