Saturday, November 4

Total day of gluttony....

After working 4-hour shift this morning, I had the whole day to myself. Husband's in PA, friends already have plans, and I have to be in bed early to work the opening shift tomrrow, so hitting the town tonight is not an option. Plus, everyone at school seems to have some sort of cold-type thing, and I really don't want to get it, so a relaxing day of rest and rejuvenation is much-needed.

In knitting news, I made a decision yesterday, and ripped the curtain back. I knew that I would not be able to stare at a curtain that I knew was supposed to be different from what it actually was. I got about 10 rows done today, and hope to get about the same amount done tomorrow.

I was able to go through all of my started projects and weed a lot of them out. Not that I didn't want to finish these projects, but I had to face facts with a couple of them. Either I didn't really have enough material to finish them, or I was finally able to see that the initial idea wasn't very good or practical. For the most part, I'm still following patterns, and altering things as I can. I've only developed two of my own patterns, and those were mostly so I could try out a new technique.

I'm behind getting started on Christmas gifts, and I'm starting to nix ideas from my mental list already. Sigh.

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