Friday, November 3

Day Two...

There is a lot involved in blogging. I like the format so far, but I'm obviously still tweaking things.

Last night, I took the bubble-lace window panel off the needles to measure it and take stock of my progress.

It's too wide.

So as of right now, I'm still pondering my options. Do I rip it all apart and start over again - knowing full well that I will be frustrated about starting over, but relieved to have fixed it and finished it right? Or, do I keep going to way it is, a third completed, regardless of it's too-wide-ness and hang it bunched, rather than the flattened out image that attracted me in the first place?

Another thing that I'm taking into account is the fact that the original pattern suggested that this panel is really only supposed to be knit to cover those decorative little windows that appear in doors and kitchens, and my window is about 4x that size. I obviously took that "supposed to" as a direct challenge, and now that I've screwed up my gauge I have a hard time with admitting defeat. Hmph.

I'm accepting suggestions. Either rip back, or keep plowing ahead.

As a follow-up to yesterday's picture, Avery held still for just long enough to have that picture taken of her, sitting nicely with my yarn. Minutes later, she was batting the balls around and got wrapped in the curtain - of course.

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