Wednesday, November 15

Site needs pictures!

I realize that I have already dropped the ball on keeping my blogging coordinated with my knitting. There will, however, be a knitted-stuff photo shoot occurring this week. I just have to gather all my WIPs and get them in the same general vicinity as the digital camera.

On the pointy sticks I have:
- A new Christmas Stocking, which just needs it's foot finished off.
- The double-knit scarf for Ross.
- The Pirate Mittens that I am knitting to go with Ross' scarf.
- A double-stranded alpaca scarf, which I keep changing my mind about as soon as I start into the cabling.
- The curtain for my office window.
- My hot-pink tie-wrap sweater, which is still in pieces since I haven't touched it in weeks.

The double-knit scarf is actually making the most progress since I work on it in my office during the slow points of the day. Knitting and listening to Cast-On....

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