Thursday, November 23

Happy Thanksgiving!

I haven't posted in almost a week, because a LOT has ben going on. Unfortunately, not a lot of knitting.

This past weekend, I was contacted by my best friend from my growing-up years. I haven't spoken with her in 9 years! My mother was instrumental in getting my number to her, and we talked for almost three hours on the phone. It made me realize that I am truly thankful to my mother and to her this year for Thanksgiving. There were so many things that we were involved in together while we were growing up, and I know I see now how much I really missed talking to her and having her around for my milestone years. My hope now is that we stay in contact, even though we live in different states. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Then, for work this week, I woke up Monday morning to a phone call from my boss alerting me to the fact that there was no power at the University. Woohoo! I stayed home and got some knitting done. I finished off a Christmas Stocking, got some more rows done on the Pirate Mittens, and I found a Continental Knitting and Purling video on YouTube. Genius! I had recently (about 3 months ago) taught myself to wrap my yarn on my left index finger for the quicker knit pick-up, but had no idea how to adapt it for purling, so I wasn't really going too much faster. With this video, though, I was able to see how to do both, and with some practice, I should be able to get a ribbed scarf done for my MIL in no time.

A day of catch-up was what waited for me at work on Tuesday, so when I work yesterday, I closed my office door and just sat down to get things done - no unplanned interruptions. Definitely needed. Working at Starbucks both nights though, has left me with no knitting progress.

With the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on, I'm now in the mood to cook. Knitting will come later while I digest. Ahhhhh. Turkey, roasted vegetables and apple crisp are being done at my house. A few other things are being made at my friend's house and we will all be eating together - which is of course, the best part of today. A friend of Adam's will also be here, so that make 5 for playing games!!!

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Anonymous said...

i have an old friend who i havent seen since i was 18. we were best friends since 11, i often wonder about her, i would like to see her, but we kinda seperated on bad terms :(. but thats cool u talked to an old friend :)