Thursday, May 1

Yarny weekend

It was quite a long weekend, and has taken me until now to even comprehend it to write about it. Especially since I had to get over my allergies that attacked full strength on Saturday.

Allergies or not, my MIL and her friend were in town for a visit. Since it was a bit chilly and gloomy, but not raining, we headed over to Old Wethersfield. This is the more historical section of Wethersfield proper. Most New England towns either have an old section, or they share an old section with the towns near them. This is the area where the earliest Americans lived. All the buildings have plaques on them announcing who used to live there. I love these kind of places. Now they mostly have charming cafes and knick-knack stores in them.

Behind one of these old homes, a barn sale was being held. We got into the barn, and lo-and-behold there it was:
Charming Rocker
My new Charming Rocker. That's what the tag said. I immediately sat down, and wanted to pull out my traveling sock. I sent a picture of it to my honey to make sure he liked it too, and 15 minutes later, we were loading it into my MIL's Trailblazer. It looks adorable in my living room now.

Also in Old Wethersfield, I visited Sit N Knit, too. I had never been to this location, and I really enjoyed myself there. The staff was so upbeat and friendly, and the knitters that were working at a table off to the side were also very lively and charming. I loved the arrangement of the store, and intend to go back there again. On this visit, though, I found their clearance room. In there, I found YARN WITH MY NAME ON IT:
Schaefer Yarns, "Kathleen"

This is a close up of the gorgeous saturation of colors:

I got two balls (skeins? hanks? it's too bulky to tell) of it. I have looked on Ravelry, and not really been too impressed with Super Bulky projects. I think I may want to do some kind of open-work scarf with it all. I'll know the right project for it when I see it.

Also on Saturday, we headed down to Mystic Seaport. I had never actually been there. Like, not around the tall ships and the museum aspect of Mystic. It was lovely, actually. I got pictures of my tall guy near the tall ships, but forgot to upload them from my camera. I will do that tonight.

Then there was Sunday.

I woke up early and dropped honey off to spend some more time with his mom, and then I headed to Northampton, Massachusetts. A wonderful town on its own, but now it's a wonderful town that just crawling with Knitters. Amazing.
I wandered my way into WEBS and it was just about packed with people. And Yarn, of course. I meandered around for a bit, and then I turned around:
It's like seeing a movie star when you're walking in NYC.
Surprise! I knew Stephanie was going to be there (that's why I drove up) but I didn't expect her to be in that spot. I picked up a copy of her book, and waited patiently in line.
Stephanie and Me.
I even got to hold the Traveling Sock.

I got stopped by a number of knitters during the day, too, who commented on my t-shirt. It is the infamous Natalie Dee holding a sign that reads, "Will Knit for Tattoos." And I will.

I bought some sock yarn, and some other yarn, then forced myself into line to pay for it all and stop fondling skeins. Then, I popped in my iPod headphones and headed up to The Calvin.
Welcome the Yarn Harlot

I got inside, got a beer, found a seat, and pulled out my sock to work on. It was amazing. Another amazing thing is that from donations and purchases at WEBS, $4698.00 was raised for the Cooley Dickinson Center for Midwifery Care.
My view without the Zoom on my camera.
Her talk was inspiring, as always. I felt at home among all the Knitters.

After the talk, I walked back down to WEBS, and pondering some Ella Rae Bamboo Silk, but ended up putting it down because I just wasn't sure what I would do with it. I have now purchased it since being home again and confirmed the scarf pattern that I had in mind.

It was a great weekend, and my fingers are starting to calm down from their Spring Start-itis that I developed in March. I have a package to get in the mail to Carly tomorrow, and lots of sock yarn to work up!


pseudobunny said...

So busy my brain is fried. You are so lucky to see Yarn Harlot!! My friend Mimi was there too!
I am sending the box on Tues cause I think I need to get some more stuff tomorrow to stuff in there..So mad that I was busy and unable to shmooze with you better.
SO keep yer lids peeled!!

kasiaiscarly said...

Catching up again, and just FYI I haven't gotten a package yet. Totally fine if life got in the way (my package just posted to Australia today, so I'm more than a little late!) Anyhoo, just wanted to let you know in case you did send it and thought I hadn't posted pics yet!

I love the T-shirt. My friend Jen just got a new piece started yesterday. It's enormous, I guess. . . but I haven't seen it yet. . . she would DEFINITELY knit for tattoos. . . I would knit for inspiration of a good place to put my next tattoo. As much as I love them, I'm really picky about where I WILL NOT have one, so I'm kinda limited!

pseudobunny said...

Did your box arrive? I hope so cause if not I am going to strangle that dude at the PO.
The last time I mailed with him instead of his partner my dad never got his movie. And then he died. I really dont trust the dude.
SO please let your box get there!!