Friday, May 30


29 days since I last posted. Amazing.

Here's what I've been up to:

First, I received the amazing package from my PRGE pal, Rachel

It was full of everything I love - dishcloth cotton (in awesome new colors), Selena's hand-dyed yarn (in a luscious purple), stickers, a mini-puzzle (which I have left at work), awesome coffee (which was promptly consumed during Sunday knitting, of which there have been 3 already since I received said coffee), fake tattoos and an adorable card, which got hung on my side of our back room. My side is for knitting, and honey's side is for paintings - of which there are many. The room just looks a mess since we both have quite a bit amassed in here. That's what back rooms are for.

I finally wound up some Unwind Yarn Company superwash merino that I had found on etsy, and then it just happened that it got a mention from the Yarn Harlot herself.

This yarn is amazing. The colors are rich and blend wonderfully from one to the next. With this yarn, I am making a pair of Broadripple socks . I am on my third try with them though, since I really want to use this yarn, but the gauge is different from the pattern suggestion. Not different enough to warrant an extra pattern repeat, just enough to make a different size needle necessary, and then adding a few strategically-placed extra stitches into the pattern. Not awful though, and the color changes are completely in sync with this pattern.

We had a weekend in Allentown, the place of our birth. We meandered over the to Allentown Art Museum and met up with some friends. After schmoozing with high school teachers there, we all walked over to the Allentown Brewworks for dinner. A pleasant place to eat - of which Allentown always had too few. Walking back to the car, I got an awesome picture of the boys climbing on the Soldiers & Sailors Monument in the middle of downtown.

I love these guys.

For Memorial Day weekend, I got some long-awaited baking done. Using this recipe, I made petits fours! They have always looked so hard to make, but they are always a treat. So, I dove in.
I made the batter, baked it, layered it, coated it in marzipan, and then refrigerated it.

I really should have stopped there. They tasted amazing at this point. I wanted to follow the whole recipe though. I now know that the poured fondant icing on the top was just too much sweet. The cake tasted like a fortune cookie, and I used Raspberry Polaner, so they were already sweet enough - didn't need the fondant. Also, next time I will cut them larger.

They sure were pretty. I had leftover chocolate that I had melted for the drizzle, so I dipped some strawberries to take along as well.

My next experiment will be creme-filled mini cupcakes!

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Adam MacHose said...

those cubes were delish