Friday, June 13

The new Knitty is out, and I am smitten. I am totally enraptured by the Ziggy socks. I have been on a socks binge lately, but I can't seem to find complicated socks to work on. In my opinion, the whole point (other than the luxury of wearing finished handknit socks) is to have a portable project that you can whip off a few rows on without having a huge issue with a book or a pattern that needs to be pulled out to follow. I have mostly been working on simpler, two-row sock patterns, and I've been very happy with the results.

I received my latest package for the Rockin' Sock Club, and while I absolutely love love love the pattern and the yarn (SUCH a gorgeous colorway) I really have to be ready to sit down and knit these up. I'm not there yet. The Ziggy socks though have a rather simple color-changing pattern that I should be able to memorize fairly quickly. Plus, these socks remind me a lot of the Yarn Harlot's Kauni, which is just gorgeous. I have yet to complete a cardigan of any sort yet - let alone a double-stranded wonder like that.

I already have the yarn for Ziggys though:

Noro's Kureyon Sock in no. 182. It seems a little rough for socks, but we'll see how it is once it's knit up.

In other knews: I noticed on my Ravelry page (knitkatknit) that the 11th was my one-year anniversary. Wooohoo!! I never really make a big deal about anniversaries in general, but I thought this was pretty nice since I've actually used my Ravelry page and stuck with it. Also while I was on Ravelry in general, I signed up for the next Malabrigo swap. This should be exciting too, since the theme is magic yarn balls - as you unwind a ball of yarn from your spoiler, little treats and gifts fall out: buttons, stitch markers, maybe a row counter. Sweet and useful stuff, too. I just happened to check out the swap sign-ups as a result of my last PRGE spoilee, Carly, who was part of the last swap. I am looking forward to this.



kasiaiscarly said...

ooh! have fun with myb! the malabrigo swap group is really an awesome group of people!!

the noro apparently softens with washing and wear, but is not so great while knitting with it. i bet the ziggy's will look great!

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's your malabrigo swap pal! I'm leaving my mark here, letting you know that I've been stalking you!

I was impressed by the entry where you made your own petits fours. Your new"ish" chair is cool too, by the way. It definitely has character (the good kind). Make sure you get involved some more on the boards so I can learn more about you and what you like.