Wednesday, May 30

Memorial Weekend...whew!

This past week has involved a lot of time focused on the new pooch. Having had him now for almost three weeks, we are learning his moods and needs. He loves to nap - preferably on someone's lap, redering them useless.

Last week also marked the departure of our roommate, Brigette. She finished up her class at the University and headed back to Long Island to pursue her newest endeavors.

It's weird not to have that third person in your house, when you're used to them being there. Even Monty goes looking for her. We miss her dearly.

This past weekend, we packed Monty into the car and headed to PA to visit all of the parents and friends that we haven't seen since Christmas. It was quite a drive, but our little boy handled it like a champ. He just curled up on the back seat and fell asleep. He charmed everyone that he met, and he definitely met a lot of people.

Today, I got Monty signed up for an obedience class. He needs just a bit of training. He needs to learn a little bit more about what we try to do to get his attention, and then we can have a skill set to work with him. We want him to be proud of himself and the achivements that he will be able to master.

More pictures coming soon!

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