Monday, May 14

Long time, no blog.

So much has been going on.

First, I had ordered and received two skeins of Fearless Fibers sock yarn, which I ordered from Etsy.

I absolutely love this purple - Midnight Passion is it's official name.

Here's a closeup so you can see the loveliness:

I need to pick up another pair of #1 DPN's so I can work on more than one pair at a atime. And maybe one of those small sock project bags that dangles from your wrist.... I know Lantern Moon makes nice ones - does anyone else know of a kind that they like? I plan to wait on working on the purple socks though. I have to still finish my second STR (about half done) and then I'm going to knit up the green Fearless into a pair for a friend of mine.

In other news, we found a dog!! We've named him Montgomery, and he loves life. He's amazing in so many ways. We've had him home since Thursday, and he seems to really like us.

He has a bit of seperation anxiety, so he loves being with us at all times. Good for us, mostly.



He's so cute!

That Fearless Fibers yarn looks GORGEOUS!! Seriously. :D I heard the Sock Bug bags are nice.


Oh, and I totally tagged you. Blame Lesley. Go check out my blog for the details.

sunneshine said...

I am knitting with fearless fibers right now and I love it!! Have fun!

Hi Montgomery! Sending you a scratch behind the ears through blogland...

MorbidKnits said...

Awwww he's cute. My dog has seperation anxiety also. He won't eat or drink until we rturn home sometimes. Lovely yarn... would love to run my fingers through it.