Tuesday, April 17

Too much Rain

There has been so much rain, that when I look out into the small yard in front of my apartment, it is clear the grass will not hold any more water. That was mostly on Sunday, when it was a heavy rain for 18 hours straight. I realize that was nothing compared to some areas of New York and New Jersey, but I stayed inside and off the roads nonetheless. I worked until 11:30am, and then went home and got back in my pajama pants - where I actually got to stay for the rest of the day. It was amazing, and I am totally energized as a result.

The first Anastasia/Widdershins sock is finished!! I actually finished it on Saturday. I know that I made a number of stylistic mistakes in it, but I know what they are, and once I knit those same mistakes into the second sock, they are no longer mistakes but rather strokes of uniqueness. It looks good, fits like a glove, and of course at home, where I can't take a picture of it right now.

A while ago, I fell in love with Yarnstorm's Ripple Blanket and I know she's working from a pattern and all, but I was smitten. I also knew that I would have to learn to crochet in order to get anywhere near the beauty of this blanket.
So, I picked up a copy of Stich & Bitch: The Happy Hooker and looked up the Double Crochet. And off I go. I have this soft 1970's acrylic yarn that fades from bright green to white and back. It's kinda neat, and honey likes it. The only issue is that I cannot crochet in public. I was working on this blanket at my Starbucks before a shift one day, and a woman came into the store, saw me working, and walked up and asked, "Is there a baby on the way?" I had to politely tell her no, and vowed that the blanket would not be leaving the house anymore.

In other news, I got a great postcard from my Punk Rock Gift Exchange Pal yeasterday. I never once mentioned The Labyrinth to her, so there's way she could have known how obsessed I was as a kid, but it arrived anyway.


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Peppy said...

Yep, it was yucky down my way too. Can't wait to see your finished sock!

I can't believe that someone would assume you were pregnant because you were crocheting a blanket. That's crazy.

And The Labyrinth was a guess, I too loved it as a child. :) We seem to have very similar movie interests. Glad I got it right!