Wednesday, April 11


First and foremost -> Happy Birthday, Denise!!!!

I have made progress. When I posted on Sunday, I was hoping that I would indeed be able to continually make progress on these socks, plural. I have turned the heel, and began working on the leg. 6 inches of the spirals - woohoo!!

Also in this picture, I have my Molskine book. I love these things. I get the graph paper books, and they are perfect for me for re-writing my patterns into. In this way, I have a smaller book to contain all of my notes. I copy the charts in there, and work them in where they belong as integrated into the pattern itself. I write the actual pattern in pen and marker, and then my row counts and whatnot can be in pencil. Also, the book is slim enough that I can actually bend it backwards and it's a small board to lay on my lap with my notes right there. Another fun perk: they come in 3 packs. I love 'em.

In work news, I am booked. I work every day at the Studio, and then I have a job every evening. I work both days this weekend, and then Monday and Tuesday night next week as well. *Sigh* If I really didn't love everything I was doing, I might be upset by this. Really, the only thing that's a bit disconcerting to me is that I wake up, get dressed and leave my house, and then don't return until it's time to change again and go to sleep. Once the semester is over, my time will free up, and be in softball season! Playing outside - Yeah!!


Peppy said...

The socks look great!!

sunneshine said...

The sock looks amazing!!

Obsidian Kitten said...

gorgeous colorway indeed!

LesleyD said...

I love the Molskine books too!! They are the perfect graph paper!