Monday, April 2

Materials for the Beret

I realized from Peppy's comment that I neglected to reference my materials for making the beret. I suppose I was so deliriously happy to finish something, that it simply slipped my mind.

Using US 3 needles - first a 24" circular Addi turbo, and then DPN's - I used Frog Tree 100% Alpaca Wool in sport weight. I had two balls, each 130 yards, and used up the first one and then a bit of the second one. I don't actually remember buying this yarn, but when I found it in my stash, I really loved it. It matches my eyes pretty closely and looks good with my dark hair, so I knew deep down that it was hat material.

It's been so long since I've worn a hat for style rather than just function that I'm really looking forward to breaking it out - maybe tomorrow?!??!?!

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Peppy said...

Definitely wear it out tomorrow!