Monday, October 13

Today, I cruised over to Bored At Work, and lo-and-behold the latest entry is entitled "Strange Knits and Yarn Monsters." Amazing. I personally have knitted the Nautie from Knitty. Very fun. DH has a love for all things tentacled. I have seen most of the patterns on the B@W link, but if you check them out, I'm sure you'll find your fave.

In knitting news, I took this past weekend to plan out my holiday knitting. There are a couple of patterns that I have been wanting to try out, as well as a few items that I think are really beautiful, but just not for me.
First up: brooklyntweed's Noro Scarf.
Noro scarf
Such a beautiful scarf! Such a simple idea, and yet, not one that I would have thought of. I almost always love what he comes out with. Plus, I have been looking for a justified reason to purchase and try Noro's Silk Garden.
Noro Silk Garden
I like to try a yarn - really knit something out of it - before I commit to any projects with it. What if it ends up splitting a lot? What if it sheds more than my cat? With my fickle finishing tendencies, I need to be aware of what could potentially end my work on a given project.
Not that I should need a reason to work with a silk blend, but it's nice to have a reason regardless. Now that I'm working on the first one, I am already thinking that I might make a second one in different colors. I am very quickly falling in love with Noro. Very soft on the hands, and the colors change smoothly, so I find myself hiding the balls of yarn so that I don't know exactly which color is coming next.

Another scarf/wrap that I may include in my gift list is the Phiaro Scarf by Katie Himmelberg. Other gifts may include Struan by Ysolda, Dashing by Cheryl Niamath, and at least one or two other things. Plus, I'm still trying to finish up a sweater that I started for last christmas (I have my sister working on that one right now).

I work on stuff for myself in 2009.

Apple pie


pseudobunny said...

Dude. I love the boredatwork. I must knit them ALL.
Crap. How do I do it all!?!?!?!

kzcav said...

Strange Knits - great site

I saw an 1/2 apple pie (that's what it was billed as) in a bakery just outside of Otis, MA that sold those. It was a little farm that grew or raised everything it sold.

Karena Cav from SNB