Wednesday, February 7

Sorta suffering second-sock syndrome

I carry the second Widdershins sock with me at all times in my purse - it goes where I go. However, I have this sneaking suspicion that I did someting wrong with the heel. Of course, since I now feel the need to rip it back to the gusset, I need to actually pay attention to it, and I haven't felt the inclination to pay attention to my knitting. Monday and Tuesday are busy 9am-10pm days for me, so I rarely get time for any knitting at all, let alone concentrating knitting.

Today is Wednesday, though. I didn't have to be anywhere before work, and I don't have any major commitments after work. I always have my SnB gathering on my calendar, but once I get home on a Wednesday, my pajamas usually attack me, wrestle me to the ground, and staple me inside the house - no going anywhere until Thursday morning.

So, back to the sock. Here's what I'm thinking: Try to get the ripping back sorted out while I'm at work. Then, I can concentrate on the heel the way I'm supposed to when I get home this evening. I think that's a good plan.

Also for tonight, I am sewing together side two of my Star Pillow - which I have made out of Lion Brand's Homespun. Then sew up the edges and fill it. Woohoo! I know there are a number of mixed opinions about Lion Brand Homespun and Lion Brand in general. For me, I like this particular material for a couple of reasons. It knits up rather quickly, and it's inexpensive for test-type projects. I also like that it's rather soft, and comes in a number of colors. Plus, I've had a number of skeins of Homespun given to me by people that purchased it to learn how to knit, and then got too busy, or didn't take to knitting, etc.
This orange color was given to me by a friend, VeganSteven, who is always at open markets and looking for vegan (NO animal products) alternatives. In that respect, I was really happy that I was thought of in his travels. This is the biggest reason why I'm making this pillow, and possibly a second pillow to match the first.

I may even have enough gusto to take pictures of things tonight....

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