Tuesday, January 16

Photos of my Pride and Joy (and my husband)

When I got married in August of '04, I figured it was finally ok to knit my sweetie a sweater. I completely understand and respect the Sweater Curse, and I also know how slowly I knit. Also, I had a few practical concerns: my husband is 6'8", and very slender. Not gangly, mind you, just tall. So, to knit him a sweater would certainly mean altering any pattern that I found for him, and I also knew he wouldn't want any type of cabling of pattern to the stitches, so it was going to be a LOT of stockinette in the round. So, after a lot of measuring and finding some nice sport-weight alpaca at Rhinebeck in October of '05, I jumped in.

The results:
Putting on the sweater:

I knit it in this light-weight yarn because I knew that with too much bulk, Adam would find it too bulky to wear. It IS a sweater though, which is why it was made of alpaca - half the weight, twice the warmth.

My love:

The sleeves cover the majority of his hands, and he likes it that way. For this bizarre New England Winter that we've had so far, this sweater has pretty much served as his outermost layer, and the extra-long sleeves work nicely as gloves. I definitely wanted Adam's input, which is why I set him to the task of designing the image. Lately, he is a fan of odd, tentacle-laden beings (yes, I knit him a Nautie from Knitty!), and an octopus struck his fancy. The sweater was completed in May of '06, since I have very little ability to stay focused on one project at a time.

It Fits!

I love that he loves it.


Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about that sweater. Woo hoo! it looks great

KatnZoey said...

that sweater looks so cool, and it loos even better on him. it looks great! i love the sleeeves too. everything, the color, the design, its a really cool sweater, i hope to make a sweater as cool as that one day.