Friday, January 5

Happy New Year...a few days late.

So, a lot has been going on, and I haven't been at work for a week, which is when I usually work on this blog. I have been knitting, but it's been sporadic bursts of feverish knitting. The silent chanting of "gotta get this done" have been pushing me only so far.

I knitted two pairs of Fetching, and have a 3rd set on the needles. I didn't get the ribbed scarf done for the MIL, but I showed it to her, and plan to get it into the mail asap. I started a hat for my sister's birthday in February, in a cute snowy white with glitter woven into it. I got 2/3 of the way done with Ross's pirate mittens, but left the scarf at work, so no progress was made on that during vacation.

I was supposed to finish things and collect things from my office on Thursday the 21st, but alas, I was rear-ended on my way to work. So, instead of going to work, I stayed with Adam and he drove me to the doctor and lunch. Our vacation was then consumed by not only the holidays and our 7 parents, but also waiting for Insurance adjusters to call back and let us know what's going on. Yesterday morning we finally got notice that our car is going to be totaled since it's a 6-year-old car, and the cost to fix it is higher than Kelley Blue Book. Oh, well.

New Year's was fun, though. Lots of fun over at Ross's. Good conversation, Cheez-Its and wine.... Hahahaha.

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