Wednesday, September 10

In knitting, I have to admit that I laid the Central Park Hoodie aside for a while. I was zooming right along, and then I had a moment where I thought to check my needle size. For some reason, I thought I had knitted an entire front panel at a 6 instead of an 8. It was starting to get warmer out, though, so it made sense to lay down the cardigan and work on socks for a while. Which I did.

Then, the other day, I was re-organizing my stash (again) and a ball from the CPH collection rolled to a stop at my feet. This, of course, reminded me that I hadn't actually checked to see if I was wrong on tat front panel, or whatever. So, I started working on one of the sleeves to get myself back into gear. The sleeve is coming along really well, and I finally got to checking that front panel - it's completely fine. Of course it is. So now I'm back to it.

All was not lost, though, since it is now getting cooler, and I'm now getting impatient to have this hoodie done already. I was browsing Ravelry, and I found Ester and I am smitten. I think I have yarn in the stash for it, too.

Also, while I was perusing the Ester pattern, I saw a link for Grumperina's Cable without a Cable Needle Tutorial. It's very easy to follow, and has sped up my sleeve a bit.

In non-knitting news, my mom and I went to Beatles tribute festival, Abbey Road on the River. It was awesome. So many great renditions of the awesome music of The Beatles.

This is a band called Beatlemania Now! and they were really good. They looked, sounded and acted just like the original guys. Kinda eerie. My mom was really astounded and she had a blast watching them.

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