Thursday, August 21

Happy, happy, joy, joy

I had a vacation!! So nice to get out of the normal routine! It was our first real vacation in almost 2 years, and it feels like it was even longer.
We made the trek to Ocean City, MD with Adam's family. A glimpse of the view out our back door:


While I was gone, the letter carrier delivered my Magic Yarn Ball from the Ravelry Malabrigo swap. Such goodies inside!

The gorgeous postcard listed "Directions for a Go Anywhere Vacation."
1. Sleep in! Don't get up until you feel like it.
2. When you finally get up, put on your star pendant to feel a little more heavenly.
3. Laugh at how funny your new pig magnets look, and then stick "Dirty" on your dishwasher.
4. Make some lemonade.
5. Pull out a reclining chair and relax in the sun while reading "The Memory Keeper's Daughter."
6. Have some goodies with your reading: Fred Ferkel or Gin-gins, mmmmm.
7. Don't forget to drink your lemonade.
8. Tired of reading? It's time to pull out the mmmmmalabrigo! Save your place in the book with a gold book dart.
9. Knit away! Take project notes with your Aloha pen.
10. Eat more candies. File your nails. Repeat steps 1-10 tomorrow.

An awesome package. I'm already halfway through the book, too. While re-reading the list, though, I noticed that the lemonade package isn't in the picture. It's a cute lemon-shaped ball with leaf-shaped tags with lemonade mix in it. Just like everything else, it's adorable. I do believe that it's from Loreanne in CA. Should have a confirmation on that soon.

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kasiaiscarly said...

nice! what colors are the malabrigo?